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The name was chosen by the youngsters in the group some years ago and is a constant reminder to us of an amazing God.

The group is aimed at 11-16 year olds and meets every Sunday morning during the 11:00am service for a time of fun, games and learning about Jesus.

​GAP stands for God’s Awesome Presence!

At present we are going through Youth Alpha, which encourages a lot of discussion — always welcome in GAP!

We learn how to find our way around the Bible, talking about characters and stories from both the New and Old Testaments but we always come back to the gospel, because it's so vital.

We have a great team of leaders, who are all discovering more about Jesus themselves.

We meet every Wednesday evening during term time, from 7.00 to 8.30pm.

Our aim is to provide a safe space for youngsters to have fun, let off steam and build relationships.

The Sunday group is complemented by a Wednesday club night, which is a social time for all, but extending up to 18 year olds.

Activities include: team-building games, pancake making, Valentines cookies, film night, challenge night, Easter treasure hunt, make your own ice cream, pizza making, parachute games and hungry hippos (with skateboards!).

When we are able to get out in the minibus, sausages on the beach, bowling, swimming and treasure hunts are all firm favourites. At the end of the year, we always have a Christmas party with traditional games and a secret Santa.

Awesome! We'll be in touch.


The GAP leaders, Jeff and Jackie, would love to hear from you. Drop them a line using the form below and they'll get back to you ASAP.

Jeff and Jackie, leaders

We always come back to the gospel, because it's so vital.

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